Adventures of the Green Tide

Last week the heroes returned to Saltmarsh to find that it too had plunged into chaos with deep civil unrest as the King’s Men battled against what was left of the traditionalists. Galen and other traditionalists had been arrested and siege weapons were constructed to destroy the loyalist’s side of town. After some conferring with Galen’s right hand man and the only councilman still free to defy the king, the goblins concocted a plan. 

The green tide slipped into the water and swam up river before sneaking towards the jail. Once there they granted Gribi and Oilk the ability to fly. With this power, the pair of goblins flew over the trebuchets that rained destruction down onto the loyalist’s side and brought a storm of lightning and fire on the siege weapons. While dodging crossbow bolts, the goblin heroes destroyed the siege weapons scoring their first victory over the king’s men. Will the goblins succeed in rescuing Galen and other loyalists from internment? Will they break the back of the siege and restore balance to Saltmarsh? Will they ever find a ship worthy of their ever growing reputation? Find out tonight on…Adventures of the Green Tide!!!

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