New Release!

Check out the latest in my Goblin series: Family! This is episode 2 of the planned series and I’m excited to release it. Episode 3 coming next month!

Check out Goblins episode 2: Family available now!

TBT: Been a While

It’s been a while
Since you’ve hurt me this badly
It was just a matter of time sadly
When I needed you, you weren’t here
You were out with friends drinking beer
And more? How will I ever know?
I guess it wasn’t even that long ago
That you blew me off and blew someone else
Then made me feel the fault was in myself
So talented at making me the bad guy
While you have fun and roll so high
All the while blaming me for your deeds
Leaving me with my unfulfilled needs
Then mocking me for the feelings I have
Holding my broken heart as you laugh
And spit in my face while I cry
Hurting me to the point I’d rather die

A Lament for the Dodgers

Wrote this a few years ago and the pain has only grown!

Oh, Dodgers how I love you
I will love you evermore

Even though your lack of winning
Has made me very sore

Yes, four West titles are grand
A very nice accomplishment

Yet no world series victory
Since Ronald Reagan president

I was but a lad when last the blue
Hoisted the beflagged trophy

Years now of enduring through
Poor trades and wastes of money

Meanwhile the enemy has won
Three times in a mere five years

Forced to watch and wish them ill
In agony I wiped away my tears

You have the greatest pitcher
Of this modern baseball age

Kershaw is a wonder to watch
As he racks up tens of Ks

Now rookie of the year!
Seager is a marvel

A silver slugger as well
So young, so much potential

Still the struggle and still the strife
Every game is a scramble

For a rotation to pitch through six
BAs against lefties a shamble

Still I don my Dodger Blue
Defend my team to the enemy

So many mocking jabs and jeers
They insult and laugh at me

Please Dodgers I need you to improve
Beat the D-Backs Rocks and Giants

Find a groove, a roll, a swing
Bring home some more pennants

And in October don’t let me down
Beat the mighty Cubs

Prove to me and everyone
You are the greatest club

I’ll bleed blue till the day I die
I’ll never give up hope

So please find a way to win
And bring the trophy home