From Goblins Episode 1

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Leny’s Friend

While I’m cranking out Sureshot 3 thousands of words a day, ready to launch goblins episode 2 next month and looking to put together Biggs and Smalls episode 1, I’m already thinking about other characters and projects. One of my favorite characters to play is Leny.

Yes, I named him for the character in Of Mice and Men which is one of my favorite books. My Leny is similar in mannerism; big, dumb, strong, sweet, but that’s about it. I won’t dare write anything similar to Steinbeck. It’s poor taste. But I feel the name is a decent homage to one of my favorite authors.

As I recently identified, I prefer my characters have a counterpart. I’ve sort of naturally written one in without thinking about it early but it is obviously a part of my style so why not keep it going. The trick will be to keep these teams unique, and not just create similar characters with different names. So what about Leny?

I want to begin including female main characters in my writing but I don’t think Leny is the best fit. He should have an animal. The question is what kind?

Now, in a fantasy world the options are many. Everyone loved Haggard in Harry Potter always telling students things like “spiders are very misunderstood creatures,” so I could go with something extreme.

Or perhaps it would be fun to go with something small like a mouse which would highlight his gentleness in taking care of a small and vulnerable creature.

I love companions like hawks, eagles, falcons and such but I feel those are a little too obvious. No, I want Leny to have something a little more furry.

Furry yes, but also capable of defending Leny and an animal that is more or less his equal as they adventure across fantasy lands. Now I’m down to animals like a wolf, bear, big cat or something like that. I’m going to agonize over this but I’m interested in any suggestions.

So…what should Leny have as a companion? What would make a good friend for a large, maul wielding barbarian?

Keep Sailing

“This is what you should teach me, how to be like Odysseus–how to love my country, wife, and father, and how, even after suffering shipwreck, I might keep sailing on course to those honorable ends.”

-Seneca, Moral Letters, 88.7b

In a time when everything seems to be on fire; when there are literal biblical events like war, pestilence and plague; the lesson from the Odyssey is to keep going. In one of the earliest and greatest Epics of all time, one of the main lessons was perseverance. I strive to write epics as fantastic as the one Homer penned and I strive to live life with the courage Odysseus showed.