Poem: Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me!

It’s about as bad as it can be


A little older

A little balder

A little rounder

A little softer


Supposed to grow wiser

But I’m only more aware.

Of all the damage done

And how life is so unfair.


I have yet to find a partner

Who will love me as I am.

But I’m not sure I’m capable

Of being a different man.


So I plod along believing

That I’m a pretty good guy.

But others seem to think

That’s a big fat ugly lie.


Thirty-eight years it’s been

And yet I’m still so lost.

I’ve tried to forge my own way

But it seems a tremendous cost.


I feel that somehow I’m alone

Though many are around me.

Because I’ve endured great pain

And I don’t feel I can be free.


From those who take advantage

Of a person with many scars.

They come to me with smiles,

Just to swallow me in their dark.


Another birthday, another year.

Another disappointment, another tear.


Happy Birthday to me.

I’m as low as I can be.


5 thoughts on “Poem: Happy Birthday to Me

  1. I didn’t like it because of the content s a great poem. I liked it because I want you to know I see you.
    I read you. Happy birthday, although I know it’s turned out badly

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