Sawyer Birthday Poem 2019

My baby boy!

You’re such a joy

You’re so playful

And so joyful

Love your giggle

Way you wiggle

Sleep in my arms

You’re safe from harm

Don’t dare worry

Don’t you hurry

Take all your time

Sweet son of mine

Let me hold you

Don’t dare be blue

I’m always here

My precious dear

I love you son

Now go and run

Don’t stop until you’ve won!

Elijah’s Birthday Poem

What have you packed my precious son?

This journey will be a long one

While I don’t want to let you go

Begin it now before the snow

Summer grows near with weather warm

Though yet will come some lightning storms

You’re growing stronger every day

And you must soon be on your way

The road, it winds through many trees

Which sing their songs in the morning breeze

Listen to them, hear their stories

Tales of heroes and their glories

Beware the hidden highwaymen

For they seek your premature end

Also the siren with her song

Fortify your resolve, stay strong

Attach your sheath it’s sharpened sword

Ensure your compass points true North

Rest if you must along the way

Never too long in one place stay

Destiny awaits in the end

You hold the power in your hand

One more embrace and one more kiss

It’s time, your childhood I will miss

Poem: Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me!

It’s about as bad as it can be


A little older

A little balder

A little rounder

A little softer


Supposed to grow wiser

But I’m only more aware.

Of all the damage done

And how life is so unfair.


I have yet to find a partner

Who will love me as I am.

But I’m not sure I’m capable

Of being a different man.


So I plod along believing

That I’m a pretty good guy.

But others seem to think

That’s a big fat ugly lie.


Thirty-eight years it’s been

And yet I’m still so lost.

I’ve tried to forge my own way

But it seems a tremendous cost.


I feel that somehow I’m alone

Though many are around me.

Because I’ve endured great pain

And I don’t feel I can be free.


From those who take advantage

Of a person with many scars.

They come to me with smiles,

Just to swallow me in their dark.


Another birthday, another year.

Another disappointment, another tear.


Happy Birthday to me.

I’m as low as I can be.


Birthday Poem: Maddy: Don’t Stop!

Don’t stop!

You’re on your way

Growing more every day

Learning lessons as you go

The more you live the more you know


Don’t stop!

Even when things seem tough

I’ll be here when life is rough

Stand your ground, plant your feet

There’s no challenge you can’t meet


Don’t stop!

You’re already winning

And this is only just beginning

The world is yours for taking

It’s your destiny you’re making


Don’t stop!

On life’s great adventure

For I am completely sure

That if you’re true to you

There’s nothing you can’t do



Happy Birthday Madelyn!

I love you!