Daily Writing Habit


Another thing that I read a lot about when it comes to being a successful writer is developing a daily writing habit. This is nothing new. I’ve heard it and read it dozens of times. The most prolific and successful writers write every day. So, I’m trying to do the same. I recently got an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard so I can be a bit more mobile and I leave my laptop up all the time so if I can find 30 minutes, I’ll sit down and start writing. With writing sprints being a real thing now, 30 minutes is actually enough time to get something done in.

I wrote using my phone while we were in line at 6 Flags. I wrote on a trip to the Dodger game. I even woke up early and wrote on Easter. I’m getting there.

I did take yesterday off however. I didn’t really mean to. I was taking a little bit of a break in the morning because I was super tired and a bit worn out but by evening I was just kind of run down and couldn’t motivate myself to get any writing done. Plus, we started watching Santa Clarita Diet, which is a fantastic show and I highly recommend it.

My dog woke me up at 5:30 this morning to go outside and even though I laid back down my mind was already running with what I was going to write today so I got up, made coffee and started working. I’ve already edited 10,000 words and I’ve get plenty more in me. Happy Saturday everyone!

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