Petting the Dog

Poem I write in high school. It’s so weird getting a glimpse into my younger mind.

A hunger deep in the bowels of his stomach burns.

He beggingly for a tiny doggie treat yearns.

Whining and whimpering  he sadly cries.

His owner pats his head and clears the sadness from his eyes.

Cold and wet the dog sits in the pouring rain.

Sad and alone he sits in immense pain.

The master abusing the creature for endless years.

Calms him by softly scratching behind his ears.

Beaten and bloody after another drunken rage.

The dog didn’t want this to be just another page.

With the sent of blood and memories if the past.

He bit his master in his fat lazy ass.

One thought on “Petting the Dog

  1. Lol what a poem. I too sometimes go through my high school notebooks and find a couple surprises there, and it’s almost as if someone totally different wrote those. Thanks for sharing!

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