A Toast to Saint Patrick

I raise a glass to Saint Patrick the patron saint of Ireland, a land and people who have been kicked and beaten but always fight back. And now we drink to celebrate you and your people!

Your work in bringing the word to the Irish has led us to bringing booze and beer to our bellies. For that I salute you.

Your holiday is one in which all are welcome unlike the single phobic Saint Valentine’s Day. Thanksgiving is cruel to those with no family. Christmas has become a commercial day to favor the well off. Easter is filled with birds and bunnies but your day is filled with beer and corned beef. I dare say it is one of the grandest holidays.

Plus we have a reason to wear green which is one of the most neglected colors in fashion. The pinching is a bit obnoxious and I’m not sure what leprechauns have to do with it but it’s all in good fun especially when the drinking has begun.

So it seems appropriate to raise a glass and drink to you, Saint Patrick, on this, the day to celebrate your mission work. May your beer never turn skunk may your whisky never spill and may your legacy live on forever. Cheers.

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