A Toast to President William Henry Harrison

I raise a glass to perhaps the greatest president we’ve ever had. A man who served his nation from revolution to inauguration and one month past.

Revolution, frontier wars and 1812, Billy H was there to advance his nation. Then he ran and won the presidential election.

They called him simple in his log cabin with hard cider. But he showed them all that he was smarter.

In rain and wind he stood in Washington. Then gave the longest speech at any inauguration.

Then 3 more hours in a reception line, followed by 3 parties that very night. Brave and strong he showed all that his haters were wrong.

It was not the weather that did him in but likely sewage in the White House water in the end. 

But big Harrison started no new wars as Commander in Chief. Neither did the debt reach new peaks.

No s candles raged in his 30 days. Neither did you set the nation ablaze. 

So cheers to William Henry Harrison. Whose presidency was by far the shortest one.

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