Life’s an Adventure , Live it

One of the reasons I love writing adventure fantasy so much is because I feel it reflects actual life. Life is an adventure. It has real challenges and real enemies.

Life has dragons, trolls, orcs, goblins and any number of other monsters running about trying to make life difficult. We battle them regularly and if you don’t learn to defeat them they’ll damage and destroy things in your world.

We all grow in experience and learn ways to adventure through life. Some grow exceptionally strong , choosing to muscle through life and stare enemies in the face. Others learn to navigate through with cunning and wit. Still others try to work their way through with empathy and compassion trying to love their way through adventures.

There’s no single way to do it, but it is certainly easier if you build a group to adventure with. Even better is finding a group with diverse talents and abilities to help handle the various trials and tribulations we encounter.

So embrace the adventure. Learn what you’re best at and if you don’t have the talents necessary to defeat a foe, find some friends that do. Life is crazy and there are a lot of enemies out there, so embrace the adventure and slay your enemies!


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