5K a day

Ok, I’ve had a nice vacation so far. A little traveling, a lot of love but now it’s time to get a project finished and published.

Sureshot 3 aka Sureshot the King needs to get completed for anyone and everyone who’s been reading my Sureshot stories so I’m going to get it down. I’m setting an aggressive goal of 5 thousand words a day until I’m finished. I have a good stretch of time over the next couple weeks. I can do it. Today it’s lunch and I’ve already put down 2 thousand.

As usual I have a ton of other writing projects I want to work on but I need to complete one before moving on and Sureshot has started my entire writing career off so I need to complete his story before giving more attention to others.

As always, thank you to all my supporters out there. I’m not going to stop writing and putting out my work for any who may enjoy it. Much love, and cheers!

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