TBT: Poem Asleep in my Bed

Weary, tired and soar from a long hard day,

Skull pounding and throbbing, headache won’t go away,

Stomach turning, rolling, churning, from lack of food,

All day spent with people, vulgar and rude,

Combined, it all created a pretty poor mood.

Lay down, slip under the covers so warm,

Soon as peaceful as a baby just born,

Close your heavy tired eyes and drift off to sleep,

Gradually content and peace will creep,

Time spent in twilight is always yours to keep.

Muscles relaxed and quickly recovering,

Anything can happen while you are slumbering,

Mind drifting from place to place without care,

Wherever you want to go, you can go there,

In your dreams everyone can be bare.

Dreaming of love, lust and content,

It all comes easy with hardly an attempt,

In a dream no door has a lock,

Every great blue ocean has a dock,

And it all ends at the sound of an alarm clock

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