Liberty Tree

A colony young and new

An empire that grew and grew

A king aloof on his throne

Oppressed people cry and groan

Seeds of rebellion planted

More freedom was demanded

Tea destroyed in the bay

Tax collectors kept away

Shots fired and blood was spilt

Quickly machines of war built 

Homes of rebels burnt to ash

Brave minutemen make a dash

Hounds of war let loose at last

A new flag run up the mast

Blood waters the thirsty tree

And her name is Liberty




Celebrate rebellion

     Demand obedience

Patriots in arms

     Put down your arms 

Tar the tax collectors 

     Tax your neighbors more

Revolt against the state!

     Do your part and vote

Choose your own destiny

     Choose between these two 

Demand representation 

     Yield to corporations 

No longer serve empire

     Burn freedoms on a pyre

It’s liberty for us 

     We’re not allowed to discuss

Tossed tea into the bay 

     Make sure you hope and pray

We salute those first patriots 

Do it now and you’re a terrorist

Sour grapes

From book 1 in the Sureshot trilogy The Sureshot Rises

“You there,” the middle one began, “you are that woodsman that shot against Captain Tarbon today?”

“What business is it of yours?” asked Durbar trying to act tough in the hope that he could intimidate them into leaving him alone.

“I’ll tell you what business it is of ours,” returned the man, his voice a growl like a dog about to bite, “He is our captain, and we don’t like any dirty woodsman disrespecting him like you did.”

“I didn’t disrespect him. I just beat him, that’s all,” Durbar reasoned.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. You shouldn’ a done that. Now we are gunna beat you!”

The man’s eyes flared in rage. He and his friends all clenched their fists. Durbar tried to think of a way out quickly, but he couldn’t find one. He leapt out of his chair and stood ready, with his back against the wall. One of the men threw the table out of the way, and the other two jumped at the bowman. One swung at his face, but his movements were too slow and laborious because of too much drink. Durbar ducked and hit the man in the gut. Another one swung to hit his face as he was coming up but Durbar blocked his high punch with his left arm and jabbed him in the face with his right fist. With two of the men temporarily disabled and falling to the floor, Durbar turned to the one that threw the table, but as he turned to face him, a chair crashed into his head. Durbar’s vision, along with his mind, went black.


Clouds cover the sun so bright

Shutting out the rays of its might

Bringing rain for the world below

When the time is right it might even snow

And below turmoil reigns supreme

Battling the evils of the storm so mean

Too little avail people continue in struggle

No ground does not carry a puddle

In this time so hopeless and dreary

Tomorrow the sun will wake up and shine.


So near she stood,

So very near.

Her heart was to me so dear,

And I wished to kiss her, so I neared.

To her front I neared so sly,

And in her eyes I gazed so shy.

A kiss from her would be so fine,

It’s all that I want for mine.

I got my nerve,

And said to her,

“my you look pretty”,

she looked at me sort of giddy.

I saw my chance,

I took my stance,

I embraced her and to her surprise,

I kissed her to her demise.

She stepped back with a glare,

She swung and slapped me bare.

I thought I was the master,

She turned and called me “bastard”.

I touched my face with pride,

I would be the envy of my tribe,

I have kissed the Beauty,

And the Beauty took my face as booty.

Now, I in my inexperience,

Knew not what to make of this,

I once heard if they act ‘matter of fact’,

It means they fancy you, and all of that.

So I in my ignorance,

Said to myself as I stood,

This is good,

And so I would,

Repeat my effective style.

For quite a tiresome, fruitless while.


    And now onto my latest project, finishing a zombie story my dad and I outlined years ago.

     Strapped into the truck I couldn’t wait to get out of the protection of the airport and start shooting. “Remember, aim for the head. That is the only way to kill them,” I shouted even though everyone already knew how to kill them. I just wanted to feel like guys in movies who shout some sort of instruction right before a battle. It was cheesy, but I felt great.

         “We’re not going out to kill zombies Pete,” Johnson scolded, “just to get the lab supplies.”

         “That’s why you’re going. Someone’s got to keep you morons alive. Just drive the truck.”

         I didn’t see him, but he probably rolled his eyes. No matter, because he started the truck all the same and headed down the runway. I never really noticed how long the runway was until we were driving it, but it was huge. Looking at the terminal from the backside was different too. I could see dozens of people in there watching us as we tore down the flight line. They were the people I was supposed to be looking after. I got the sense that we weren’t going to make it. There were too many of them to protect in a place like that for very long. Then I saw one of the planes sitting by the terminal. Finally it hit me. We could try and fly out of Fresno. I was going to work on that when we were done with the hunting expedition—I mean supply mission.

         Finally we were at the end of the runway and fortunately Johnson had keys to the gate as it was near the Air National Guard center. As it turned out there were a couple of ghouls stumbling around on the other side. I was about to waste them when the soldier on the roof let loose with a burst and sent a few bullets through them. Johnson hopped out to unlock the gate as the two zombies struggled to their feet. Another volley of rounds was let loose from the SAW, and I was getting frustrated.         “Listen Rambo!” I shouted up at him. “Take your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot them in the head and be done with it. Otherwise you are just wasting ammo.” I couldn’t believe how slow some people were. He figured it out though and moved the selector to semi-auto and fired a few more rounds at them until it appeared they were finished. Johnson finished with the gate, drove us through and then closed it behind us.

New Kid in Town

From The Sureshot Rises book 1 in my Sureshot trilogy.

The huge man towered above Durbar by about five inches. He glared down at him with fiery blue eyes. His face was square and flat and looked to Durbar as if it had been pressed that way.

“So, this is the man Rothan thinks is better than me, eh?” he questioned in a deep voice, almost a growl.

“The prince’s opinions are his own,” answered Durbar.

“Well, what do you think?” Tarbon asked pointing a finger at Durbar’s chest.

“I know that I am better than you.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” the man roared leaning back, holding his belly with one hand as if to keep it from bursting open. “And how do you know that? You just met me and you have never seen me shoot.”

“I saw you just now.”

“And after just one shot you know you can beat me?”


“Well, if you are so sure, Mister Sureshot, then let’s have a little competition right now.”

Durbar was really starting to hate his new alias. “I will not decline,” he answered confidently.


Oh my!

Oh my!

Please come say hi

You are so very fine

Oh my!

You caught my eye.

I can’t even stay sly

Oh my!

It’s like the sky

Is clear for the first time

Oh my!

Please let me buy

A drink, or meal, or pie

Oh my!

I cannot lie

I wish to touch your thigh

Oh my!

You said goodbye

Can you at least say why? 

Oh my! 

I’m just a guy

Giving an honest try

Oh my!

I just might die

Failing you makes me cry

Oh my!

I sadly sigh

Another lonely night