Escaping the Abyss: Part 3

Escaping the Abyss (Part 1)

Escaping the Abyss (Part 2)


One day Mother left to go to a party. She left Father in charge of Nanku.

By this time, Nanku was already learning that Father could get very angry. Father got angry at sounds especially. He got angry if Nanku played too loud. He got angry if Nanku cried. He got angry if Nanku ate food too loudly. Father got angry a lot.

With Mother gone, Father fed Nanku and then put him in the bath and began running the water. Father was busy watching the Kings play hockey so he was sitting in the hall so he could still see the TV.

The water began filling the tub and Nanku just sat comfortably in the warm water enjoying his bath. Father continued to watch the hockey game.

Eventually the water filled the tub near the top and Nanku wasn’t tall enough to hold his head above the rim of the bath. He stretched his head and figured that Father would eventually look back and see how high the water was. He did not look.

The water filled higher and Nanku was barely keeping is mouth high enough to breath. He stretched his neck out and held his head high but he could not hold it higher. He wanted to call out to Father and tell him that the water was high and he could hardly continue breathing but he was afraid.

“What if Father got angry?” Nanku wondered. “I don’t want to make Father angry.”

Nanku held his head as high as he could and when the water had reached his chin and threatened to drown him his heart raced but his fear of making Father angry was stronger than his will to live so he said nothing and made no noise.

Finally, with only moments remaining until Nanku would not be able to breath, Father turned and saw how high the water was. He laughed and stopped the water while letting some out of the tub so that Nanku could breathe without struggle.

Father laughed about how close Nanku was to drowning in the tub and even told Mother when she came home though she did not find it funny.

For all the rest of his days, Father laughed and bragged about how close Nanku was to drowning that day. The boy never told Father how absolutely terrified he was and how conflicted he was about which was worse, making Father angry, or drowning.