Sonnet Flowers

Morning dawns and dew covers the grass

Light pours through the window above our bed

Gentle, warm rays of sun, rain down on us

Eyes crack open to softly kiss your head

Begin to wonder how I can show you

All the love I possess for my baby

What gestures prove my love for you is true?

Chocolates, poems or jewelry maybe?

Flowers represent how strongly I feel

Beautiful and fragrant in a glass vase

Delicate, precious and so very real

They brighten and liven up every place

So from my heart I gift you these flowers

And pray others have a love bright as ours


So young and insecure
I just wanted to venture
Through life with loving family
I needed you to guide me
Body changing so confused
With no idea how I should use
A razor to shave the random hairs
Filled with tremendous fears
Nothing but a bashful teen
You handed me razor and cream
No words of advice or info
Just tossed me tools and let me go
For the next few years there after
I tried to discover the answer
To why to I made myself bleed
And why my father didn’t show me
Just another thing I had to learn alone
And another failure in my home