Poem: Sipping My Poison


My stein filled to the brim

With both blessing and sin


With light inviting foam

Once down will make me groan


For although I like this drink

Something’s in it that stinks


A flavor that turns sour

At any given hour


Still I keep on drinking

My heart keeps on dreaming


That one day we’ll be fine

You happily all mine


But then you make me sick

Proving you are toxic


Poison to my spirit

Plan again to exit


So intoxicating

You are so enslaving


Slowly killing my soul

You’re filling my stein full

Poem: I loved you

I loved you,

When I first met you.

I loved you,

Our first night together.

I loved you,

On our first romantic trip.

I loved you,

When we laughed and joked.

I loved you,

When we were together.

I loved you,

When we were apart.

I loved you,

When we broke up.

I loved you,

When you called me names.

I loved you,

When you hurt me so.

I loved you,

When you hit me.

I loved you,

When you mocked me.

I loved you,

When you tried again.

I loved you,

When we got back together.

I loved you,

When you wanted to marry.

I loved you,

When you lied to me.

I loved you,

When you cheated.

I loved you,

When you made accusations.

I loved you,

When you left.

I loved you,

When you came home drunk.

I loved you,

When you treated me like dirt.

I loved you,

When my heart broke at last.

Now, I cannot love you.

I gave it all. You took it all. You spit in my face.

I loved you no longer.

Poem: Help! Help!

Help! Help!
Can’t you hear me?
Please let me out, let me be free.
I’m trapped in here and I don’t want to be.
Each day I’m here is agony.
Please let me out, have mercy.
Help! Help!
Why do you take so long?
Let me out so I can sing a song.
Or play the drums, clang a gong.
I’m trapped but it’s all wrong.
I want to go back where I belong.
Help! Help!
Do you see me here?
Shaking, sullen, full of fear.
Just waiting for the time to near.
When no longer fall my tears.
Save me from his despair.
Help! Help!
Why don’t you answer?
I’m trapped in here, a prisoner.
In a deep cell with no comfort.
And I’m worried there are monsters.
Please help me get out of here.
Help! Help!
Do you see the hurt in my eyes?
With your touch my spirit dies.
Your words are nothing but lies.
This cage I’m in is kid sized.
The little boy in me cries.



Poem: Savior or slaver?

Another broken spirit

I hate that I feel it

So deep in my soul

You leave a gaping hole

As you tear me down to bone

Crush me then leave me alone

So I suffer in silence

Against your verbal violence

You cut me so deeply

Then you act so meekly

Blaming me for the pain you cause

Ever clinched in your tight jaws

Telling me you hate me

Then that you’ll never leave me

Causing black and blue bruise

Then the one the pain to soothe

The one who causes my suffering

And then acting so loving

You are both my executioner

And my winged savior

Are those wings you spread wide

Made of feathers

Or my hide?

Poem: Alive


You’ve held me down for far too long
Kept me from dancing and singing song
And I in weakness just went along
Until the man I was and loved was gone

Then I awoke and wondered where I was
How I became more passive than a dove
So I prayed and looked for signs from above
And I thirsted like never before for love

I asked you about my chains; how they got there
Begged you for help, for your tender care
But you attacked me like an angry bloodthirsty bear
I wanted to run away, to go anywhere

Complicated were my binds and deep my wounds
How badly I had weakened over many moons
Yet I refused to remain in darkness; gloom
And took my first step away from doom

With Arrows loosed and spells called behind me
I stood and refused to bend my knee
Because for the first time in a while I could see
And I’ll no longer live afraid in captivity

I’m going to gather my strength and pride
Rediscover the parts of me that died
No longer will I sit in darkness and hide
I’m going to run and sing and be alive



For those of you who have been faithfully following my blog here, first of all, thank you kindly. I very much appreciate all the love and support. Secondly, I’ve decided that maintaining three blogs is dumb and I’m going to move content from my poetry blog to this one. Trying to have all of my content in one place as I build a writing career in earnest. Much love! Cheers!

Goodbye July

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

July was a great month for me as a writer. I finished the final draft of The Sureshot and managed to blog at least twice a week, every week, for the entire month on each of my three blogs. Both were goals and I am proud to announce that I accomplished them. I racked up some impressive “stats” for me at least and so I’m celebrating and thanking everyone who read my posts, my poems, my work and even more so those of you who “liked” or commented along the way. I’m looking forward to more months of writing and blogging and one day doing this full time. Cheers!

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