Goblins episode 2: Family

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Goblins Episode 2: Family

Never Apart

So many colors thoughts and images

Floating in and out through me like a stream

Stories told through ever turning pages

You are always the woman of my dreams

I open my eyes greeted by your face

Feeling your body radiating warmth

And with my arms accepting your embrace

An endless well my love for you springs forth

Our love story is one for the ages

Forged from reckless passion and deep desire

Tossing out the wisdom of the sages

We each endured trials of stone and of fire

Now we hold hands and share kisses in dark

Our hearts are one never to be apart

TBT: Been a While

It’s been a while
Since you’ve hurt me this badly
It was just a matter of time sadly
When I needed you, you weren’t here
You were out with friends drinking beer
And more? How will I ever know?
I guess it wasn’t even that long ago
That you blew me off and blew someone else
Then made me feel the fault was in myself
So talented at making me the bad guy
While you have fun and roll so high
All the while blaming me for your deeds
Leaving me with my unfulfilled needs
Then mocking me for the feelings I have
Holding my broken heart as you laugh
And spit in my face while I cry
Hurting me to the point I’d rather die