TBT: The Feeling

Two people living quiet and alone,

Suddenly into a spinning chaos are thrown,

Madly chasing their tails like a dog,

They find each other through the thick fog.

Running and jumping over sharp rocks and logs,

Crawling through a thick deep muddy bog.

Still they stand, now together they’ve grown.

Hearts beating and racing entirely too fast,

Not a single thought remains of the past,

Thumping and bumping the friction is hard,

Quickly the snake slithers through the yard,

Sweet sweat rolls down soft skin so smooth,

Tongues leaving slick saliva as they move,

With a huge burst and a cry it’s over, at last.

A cool breeze returns to the night.

The silhouette can be made out in the light.

Bodies embraced and as one they breath.

All pain and anguish has all but left.

Peace and tranquility is all that remains.

Forever the unstoppable heart will retain,

the feeling .

Poem: I loved you

I loved you,

When I first met you.

I loved you,

Our first night together.

I loved you,

On our first romantic trip.

I loved you,

When we laughed and joked.

I loved you,

When we were together.

I loved you,

When we were apart.

I loved you,

When we broke up.

I loved you,

When you called me names.

I loved you,

When you hurt me so.

I loved you,

When you hit me.

I loved you,

When you mocked me.

I loved you,

When you tried again.

I loved you,

When we got back together.

I loved you,

When you wanted to marry.

I loved you,

When you lied to me.

I loved you,

When you cheated.

I loved you,

When you made accusations.

I loved you,

When you left.

I loved you,

When you came home drunk.

I loved you,

When you treated me like dirt.

I loved you,

When my heart broke at last.

Now, I cannot love you.

I gave it all. You took it all. You spit in my face.

I loved you no longer.

Poem: Nothing left

My heart

Ripped to shreds

By words you said

Now our love is dead

My spirit

Beaten and bruised

Feeling so used

The result of abuse

My body

Weary and weak

Becoming deplete

It’s food I seek

Nothing left

You’ve taken it all

The cause of my fall

Now I am your thrall

Mercy please

I cannot continue

To endlessly serve you

I need to begin anew

Free me

Unchain these bonds

My freedom is gone

From all that was done

Adventure of love

There is no greater adventure than love. Nothing compares to the danger and reward that love brings. No foe is more powerful, nothing more treacherous. There is nothing more comforting and nothing more completing. Neither dragon nor giant can conquer it. No vile creature can steal it away. It cannot be snuffed out or extinguished. It burns ever more and is eternal.

Love moves mountains and motivates people usually lacking strength the bravery to stand in the face of fear and sneer. Many have traversed great landscapes to find loves embrace once more. Death has claimed many who refused to back down to its threat and were true to love instead. It is more powerful than any other force.

With that power comes destruction as well. Love has birthed wars and feuds since time begun. Murders, mayhem, betrayal and battles have all been conducted in the name of love. It has corrupted the most devout knights and wrecked the most loyal of patriots. It can destroy just as easily as it can protect.

Love is wild and free and will always be the greatest adventure for any willing to risk ones life to pursue it.