TBT: Rape and Pillage

As words pour from my mind onto the page, and I wait,

like wine for the world to better with age.

It’s only effect is drunkening like the taste of burning whisky.

The door to everlasting love is locked and I don’t hold the key.

I cry desperately into the dark and wait longingly for a faint answer.

Still no sound comes from the black abyss that is love.


Despite my self advice I continue digging a hole in the sand.

Wave upon wave of dirty salty water spoils my plans.

To build around myself the mightiest of fortresses.

Time after time my walls crash down as a soft breeze passes.

I will never stop the rape and pillage of my heart.

Poem: Love like the Wind


You remind me of the wind

I open a door and you rush in

Then twirl around for just a bit

Before leaving again in a fit

You fan the flames of my desire

Then extinguish the burning fire

Impossible to catch or hold

Will you stay before I’m old?

I’ve always been a fan of yours

And often found one to adore

Yet you’ve not found me worthy

Of giving me any security

No, you continue to play your games

Ever causing me deeper pains

When all I want is to sit and rest

And I do not mean to be a pest

But I will continue to chase you more

And I will ever leave open my door

So you know you’re always welcome

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ll be honest, this is probably the first year I don’t have any relationship or crush to celebrate for the first time in nearly 20 years. So, I get to pour out my heart to you all instead so…winning.

Valentine’s day has been under attack a bit lately, like so many lovable holidays. I admit, I’m triggered easily into an emotional rant but I am legitimately and consistently annoyed by people attacking holidays. Kids aren’t allowed to dress up for Halloween at their schools any more and it seems like trick or treating has become especially lame. Thanksgiving has been under fire and now celebrating it might earn you being called a supporter of genocide. Christmas has been attacked for being too commercial. If you want to celebrate the 4th of July (Independence Day) you might be called a racist or some nonsense. You get the point.

Valentine’s Day obviously is under attack for also being too commercial and for celebrating love when there are millions of lonely people out there. Now, that doesn’t bother me, even though I’m single. Why not celebrate love? It’s as amazing as it is devastating when it is lost.

I was saddened when my 14 year old daughter was already expressing super negative opinions about the holiday. How tragic! Where is the hopeless love and romantic notions I thought we all had when we were kids? How can she be so young and already so negative about love? It’s horrible and I was sad about it.

So I’m going to celebrate love! Even if it hasn’t been good to me, I still value it. Love is amazing!!! There’s no feeling like it even comparable. Remember how you felt when you were just staring at a person and you could barely express how you felt but if you thought about it, you knew in that moment that there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do for that person? Remember thinking that you two would be together forever and that the feeling you had would never end? Remember going to bed thinking about them and then waking up thinking about them? It’s fantastic!

So today, I celebrate love! To those of you who are in love, may it never end and may your love always be honored and protected. To those who are currently without a love to call your own, I wish you find a person who will love you like no other and hold you like they will never let you go. To love! Cheers!

I thought it would be Different

I thought it would be different

That we would be content

And no longer would we resent

When we said I do

I figured we’d be better

Happier than ever

Always together

When we said I do

I thought you’d no longer

Say hurtful things in anger

And burn us like a fire

When you said I do

I thought it would end

The constant breaks to mend

No more rules you bend

When you said I do

I hoped you’d be devoted

My heart you gently hold it

I would be your chosen

When you said I do

I thought we’d be together

In love with one another

Now and forever

When we said I do

But you never wanted

My love you squandered

My heart you sundered

Till I said I can’t

TBT: Caught by Love

Sand clings to the naked body like a new skin.

Free falling into a thing called love a life is ready to begin.

Underground the Earth rumbles and shakes the world above.

Growing together from the strange chemical of love.

Father please save me, for I know not what I do.

Flying as if there was nothing that clouds my soul, renewed.

Arrows pierce my flesh and puncture my bleeding heart.

Eyes blinded from all things when we are apart.

Caught by love, practicing the single most beautiful form of art.

Poem: I thought I knew

I thought I knew hurt

Then I let you hurt me

I thought I knew betrayal

Then you used me like no other

I thought I knew deceit

Then you lied like you love it

I thought I knew monsters

Then your mask fell away

I thought I knew bondage

Then you locked me in a cage

I thought I knew despair

Then you threw me to the abyss

I thought that you loved me

But there is no love in you

I thought I was living

But you killed my spirit

I thought you were my partner

But you never cared about me

I thought I had a relationship

I was trapped in a nightmare

TBT: Poem Forever True

Alcohol swimming in your mind, blinding your soft eyes and hurting fate.

Tranquilly sitting in a boat, drifting on a glass lake.

Everywhere crawl people who long to hold your reflection.

Drunk off power, possession, personal satisfaction.

Heathens toss stones, shattering the glass and your might.

Shaking from confusion anyone who comes near gets a fight.

A flask of kindness, caring and love, is all I can offer to you.

Sweet lips taste the good, I will hold you forever true