Word Sprints

One of the exercises I have done this week in an effort to be more efficient and move my way one step closer to being a real writer is word sprints. The idea is to write as many words as you can in 5 minutes. No editing and as little thinking as possible. Just pound at as many words as I can in 5 minutes. Today I broke 300 for the first time! That’s a 3,600 words per hour pace, which I obviously cannot keep up, but maybe I can build to that level. Regardless, I’m excited to be on this path to improving my writing and getting more words to paper and publishing more work! I feel as though I am really on the path to being a prolific writer even while there is a long ways to go. Enjoying the journey in the meantime. Cheers! pexels-photo-265152.jpeg

Call me Indie


I recently embraced the label of “indie writer.” While I thought I was just doing this for me, and in a real way I am. But I also want to writer more and more and get people to read what I write and enjoy it and it also wouldn’t hurt if it added a little extra income. So, I’ll be an indie writer.

It does seem pretty daunting. The first thing I figured out is that if you want to be a successful indie writer, you have to publish early and often. In my head I figured I could publish a book a year. Nope, wrong. From what I’ve been reading, I’ll need to publish 3 or even four times a year to be serious. So there are some changes I need to make.

The most obvious is that I need to write more. Like everyday. I also need to post more. I need to get more efficient and prolific. I’m working on that. I have to get used to writing every day. My youngest is five, nearly six, and so he doesn’t need me every minute any longer, just every other minute. So I’ll probably be a little more consistent with writing.

I also need to learn the marketing end and get better at building an audience. I don’t have any idea how to do that yet, but I’ll learn. Plenty have traveled this road before me and so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. I just need to learn what works, improve my craft and do what I do.

So, thank you for being on this journey with me. I love writing and I’m excited about doing more of it and sharing with you all. Here’s to indie writing! Cheers!