A Poem for the Goblin Brothers

A world so dark

With black hearts

The goblins dwell

They steal and rob

A violent mob

It’s what goblins are

Deep down in caves

They capture slaves

Filthy goblin hordes

But two were born

To each other sworn

A pair of goblin brothers

They did not fit in

They had love within

For their goblin brother

Yet the goblin town

Sought to take them down

Destroy the goblin brothers

Goal Setting

It is basically key to any accomplishment or achievement in life, but goal setting is huge in writing as well. I am starting big and putting them out here so I can be more accountable to my goals. So here’s the goals for the rest of 2018:

1) publish Sureshot the Assassin by end of May.

2) Finish writing and publish Sureshot the King by December

3) (bonus goal) finish writing my Goblin Brother’s story

There, my goals are set for the year. Now I just need some smaller ones to help me get there.

Goblin Bros!

Currently I have a break from being DM and I get to play! I love to DM but I like to play too and so I am excited to get back to a game we started 8 months ago or so.

4th edition DnD is awesome at letting you customize and design characters like never before. I love to play an interesting character so I designed a goblin shaman. In previous editions a goblin wasn’t even an option for a character, but the fourth makes that dream a reality. I love my character Zyx. He is shockingly effective and useful in a party. What makes him even more fun is that my buddy is also playing a goblin, my character’s brother, Nyx.

Zyx and Nyx are too much. We regularly roll something we call “goblin mischief” which means we may do something stupid if we roll high. That typically plays out like this:

We encounter a door. I check for traps and find one. Nyx disarms the trap. We roll goblin mischief and roll high. We open the door. Inside we see some enemies. Roll goblin mischief. High roll again! We through a rock at something in the room. That something turns to attack us. We run back to the party screaming with enemies following. Super fun.

We also developed a goblin dice game. I call it eyeballs and knuckles. Each character takes turns rolling a die. If you roll a one you get to gouge the opponent in the eye. If you roll a five you get to punch the opponent. It’s super fun as well.

So…for now I will post party notes for this game and from the perspective of Zyx. I’m excited.