Game intro: Missing in Action

Goblin parts litter the town and blood soak the ground.Fires burn and smoke fills the night sky but they will be put out. Goblins snuck into Konigsberg! Upon investigation a tunnel is discovered and dwarves immediately begin filling it. At least they haven’t attacked the walls yet and instead they are left to digging underneath. It is annoying but can be dealt with. Dwarves are great in tunnels as well and so the goblins have little advantage underground.

There is reason to celebrate! Gareth is through. He is shackled and tied and tossed into Gnarl’s dungeon awaiting interrogation. Jared is exausted but pleased. He alone can manage the humans now and he can be trusted by the dwarves. Ale is passed around as you rest from the long night of battle. There is no need to ration any, one never knows whether his next mug will be his last.

During your celebration you notice you are one hero short. The minotaur is not present. Quickly you begin asking around and everyone agrees that they saw him in battle but cannot recall him with you as the final goblin was cut down. Where is he? Did he fall? Did the goblins capture him and carry him down the tunnel? Then you recall the slavers who tried to claim the bounty on his head. Did they return? Have they been waiting for another chance to lash your friend and haul him away? Nothing is clear and in the clamor of battle and no one can know for sure where he is.

Will you go in search of him? How will you find him? What will you risk to recover your loyal monk?