First Drop

With rain drops dripping from the roof

Morning teardrops in my eyes 

Water drops from the faucet 

And I rise to face a new day 

With a wide smile on my face 

Leaping from bed so I can chase 

That first drop of coffee I taste

War Drum!

Beat that Drum!

Beat that Drum!

Beat that War Drum!

Beat it as we shoot our guns!

Beat it till the heathens run!

Beat it till the war is done!

Beat that Drum!

Beat that Drum!

Beat it all night!

Beat it cus we love to fight!

Beat it with your angry might!
Beat it so we know we’re right!

Beat that Drum!

Beat that Drum!

Beat that Drum loud!

Beat it as we burn their town!

Beat it as we burn it down!
Beat it cus we are so proud!

Beat that Drum!

Beat that Drum! 

Beat it they said!

Beat it as we break their heads!

Beat it as we bomb their beds!

Beat it as we kill them dead!

Beat that Drum!

Beat that Drum!

Beat as they Die!

Beat it as they ask why!

Beat it with their hands held high! 

Beat it as the mothers cry! 

Beat that Drum!

Beat that Drum!

Beat that war Drum!

Write a poem about it?

Write a poem about it?

About how you see me as a disgrace?

Threw my shame in my face?

Broke down crying all over the place?

Write a poem about it?

About how I support you always?

Brag on you to everyone?

How we survived the family craze?

Write a poem about it?

How you turned your back on me?

How you blame me for everything?

How you won’t let me speak?

Write a poem about it?

So you can laugh one more time?

Make jokes about my passion?

How little you respect my stupid rhymes?

Write a poem about it?

About the generational curse?

How you use silent treatment?

That you cut me off and made it worse?

Write a poem about it?

About this deep betrayal?

Et tu Brute?

Is this death the final?

Write a poem about it?

Fine, here it is.

Enjoy it if you wish.

My heart discarded in a ditch.

Veteran’s Day Toast

May the sacrifices we made never be in vain. May our service ever be honored. And may we ever stand in unity with those who served with us. Today I lift a glass to my sisters and brothers in arms, to those who served before and those who still serve. Though we all live very different lives, one thing will bind us always. We all wore the uniform of our nation and protected its values. Cheers to you, my fellow warrior!


A loud bugle call to rouse our spirits 

Only some answered though all could hear it 

Left family and homes to take up arms

Knowing full well of the various harms 

So full of honor and courage and strength

Bound bodies and hearts for the nations gain

And bugles turned to bullets in battle 

Chains of death and war began to rattle 

We bared the burden of our friends falling 

And come to salute them where they’re resting 

And proudly we stood, shoulder to shoulder 

With honor we served, all of us soldiers

Sipping my Poison

From a toxic relationship…

My stein filled to the brim

With both blessing and sin

With light inviting foam

Once down will make me groan

For although I like this drink

Something’s in it that stinks

A flavor that turns sour

At any given hour

Still I keep on drinking

My heart keeps on dreaming

That one day we’ll be fine

You happily all mine

But then you make me sick

Proving you are toxic

Poison to my spirit

Plan again to exit

So intoxicating

You are so enslaving

Slowly killing my soul

You’re filling my stein full

Soldier’s qualification

The air is hot and thick and full of smoke,

It’s hard to breath, some cough and choke,

The sun burns down hot with all its might,

When looking around eyes are burned by the light,

Salty sticky sweat pours over rough skin,

Jagged sharp rocks cut the body like pins,

Squinting hard through the tiny sights,

Hand shaking while grasping with all its might,

Freddie pops up and glares with glee,

Gently squeeze the trigger and kill him angrily.