TBT: The Feeling

Two people living quiet and alone,

Suddenly into a spinning chaos are thrown,

Madly chasing their tails like a dog,

They find each other through the thick fog.

Running and jumping over sharp rocks and logs,

Crawling through a thick deep muddy bog.

Still they stand, now together they’ve grown.

Hearts beating and racing entirely too fast,

Not a single thought remains of the past,

Thumping and bumping the friction is hard,

Quickly the snake slithers through the yard,

Sweet sweat rolls down soft skin so smooth,

Tongues leaving slick saliva as they move,

With a huge burst and a cry it’s over, at last.

A cool breeze returns to the night.

The silhouette can be made out in the light.

Bodies embraced and as one they breath.

All pain and anguish has all but left.

Peace and tranquility is all that remains.

Forever the unstoppable heart will retain,

the feeling .