I’m like a wild beast, dangerous, untamed.

Oft prowling the plains looking for a meal.

Many have tried to catch me but I’m unchained.

Several times entombed but I broke the seal.

Free from the chains of a relationship.

A stallion with no bridal in my mouth.

No saddle on my back, no ropes, no bit.

I have no worries, no fears nor a doubt.

Until you the beast tamer found me free.

First you lured me with sweet outs and grain.

Your love and kindness brought me to a knee.

You whispered softly as you stroked my mane.

And now I gladly stay inside your barn.

Forever happy with your grace and charm.

Little Bullfrog

Little bullfrog 

What makes you croak? 

You complaining? 

Or do you gloat? 

I like your song

So loud and deep

Will you come out? 

So we can meet? 

I’d love to learn 

Your special notes

In your green pond

You love to float 

Life’s so simple

Among the reeds

All of your days

Filling your needs

Just eat some bugs

Swim all day long

Enjoy the sun 

And sing your song


How heavy is that gold?

That hangs around your neck.

Was it your soul you sold? 

Were you paid in a check? 

What do you pay for friends?

How popular are they? 

Means justified by ends.

They always get their way.

Love is bought and paid for.

How much do you require? 

For attention you whore.

Your conscience is for hire.

You sought fame and fortune. 

Swallowed the things you crave. 

But it’s all a burden.

You’re nothing but a slave.

Sonnet for my Daughter

In a time of so much trouble and fear

Filled with angry shouts and constant curses 

Disease and war threaten the end is near

And we’re all against such evil forces

You shine so brightly and give me much hope

Blooming in winter to bring the world cheer

A glowing light in dark to help me cope

Filled with warmth and love and everything dear

Call loudly from the mountain too you climbed

Unfurl your flag, may it be seen by all

Onto this epic adventure you’ve signed

You’ve heard glory’s song and answered it’s call

Watching you go, heart could not be prouder

Who you are and who you’ll be, my daughter

What is it good for?


What is it good for…

…for making politicians more money.


What is it good for…

…for campaigning in the next election.


What is it good for…

…for justifying more weapons spending.


What is it good for…

…for coaxing us into watching TV.


What is it good for…

…for putting more people in poverty. 


What is it good for…

…for censoring any critical voice. 


What is it good for…

…for ignoring covid vaccine reports. 


What is it good for…

…for pretending we care about freedom.


What is it good for…

…for distracting us from rising prices.


What is it good for…

…for helping the US grow the empire.

Ethan’s Birthday Poem

Happy birthday! 

Let’s celebrate! 

Let’s have a party

And eat up hearty 

Friends over to play 

To enjoy the day 

Laughs shared together 

Times we remember 

And of course some gifts

Selected from lists 

But none of that shows 

What all of us knows

That you’re meant to be 

In this family 

Our funny brother 

We’re all together 

So keep having fun 

My smart, loving, son