Escaping the Abyss Part 7

Nanku grew in spite of any chaos in his world and he learned about his environment and how to navigate it. Growing and learning were not without their dangers.

Mother and Father provided some playmates for Nanku. They called them cousins and Nanku enjoyed them very much. They all spent much time together playing and laughing. One day Nanku was visiting the cousins. They were chasing each other through the house and laughing. As they did, Nanku tripped over a basket and fell hard. His lip was split open by his own tooth which was also knocked out of his mouth. The lip was badly cut and bled profusely. Nanku was taken to a doctor and his lip was stitched back together however there was much swelling and in fact the lip was never quite the same and also showed the scar from the fall and was always larger on one side as a result of the accident.

On another occasion, Nanku was again running and he fell and hit his head, splitting his head open and again bleeding significantly. This wound too was patched up and a scar remained but no further damage was done.

These accidents made Mother very protective of Nanku and she did not like to let him explore or have adventures as a result. She warned him that he would get hurt and would not let Nanku do some of the things he wanted to try like ride a skateboard or play football and regularly told him that he was not strong or tough and so it was best that he not do too many things that require physical strength or subjected him to risk. Nanku believed her and avoided activities that would test his strength or toughness.

This confused Nanku a little as Father seemed to be especially tough and strong. Father tended to constantly do things that were reckless and dangerous and Nanku wanted to be like Father. For instance, Father played hockey like the LA Kings and it was a very physical and dangerous sport. Father worked in a shop with metal and machines that were very dangerous. Father constantly had cuts and burns on him and didn’t seem to be bothered by them. Nanku felt that Father was somehow indestructible because he would test his strength and toughness and always survive. Nanku marveled as Father lifted things or pushed them. Nanku was even amazed when father got angry and threw and broke things in a fit.

Nanku became very used to the look on Father’s face when he was in a rage. His eyes were like fire and wide and his body moved wildly. Father would often kick things or throw them when he was angry and Nanku would take shelter and watch. Father usually became angry when he argued with Mother. She would say hurtful and mean things to Father and he would get angry. She would get in his face and continue to say things until he exploded like a volcano yelling and throwing things. Nanku hid and waited for the storm to end.

Mother was worried about Nanku getting hurt exploring his world, but did nothing to protect him from the dangers that dwelled in his very home.

Escaping the Abyss Part 6

One day Mother took Nanku shopping. They went to a large mall with many stores. Mother was busy looking for clothes and such for herself while Nanku followed along. As usual, the boy was polite and quiet and stayed near to Mother.

As Mother looked through racks of clothes in search for the perfect garment, Nanku began to recall the comforting trees of his youth. The longing for freedom and adventure swelled in his spirit as the racks of clothes began to appear like the woods of his origin.

With Mother preoccupied with her shopping, Nanku allowed his imagination to transport him to the wild where he was free. He moved between the racks as though they were the trees he knew so well. Suddenly he felt free again. Untethered he was an adventurer once more one with nature.

In his mind he chased bunnies and butterflies under the protective canopy of his forest home. The worries of the world melted away. His spirit soared as he crawled between shirts into a protective glade. There he sat and rested in the peace of solitude and security. Nanku closed his eyes and felt safe for the first time since he left the woods.

Mother did not notice that Nanku was no longer following behind her. She continued her shopping and even made a purchase and left the store.

Eventually Nanku emerged from his make believe sanctuary and looked for Mother. She was nowhere to be found. Nanku froze, worried that he was abandoned. He did not know where Mother was nor did he know where he was. He stood at the front of the store and just held still. His heart raced but his body was paralyzed.

A security guard saw the small Nanku standing alone in front of the store.

“Are you lost little boy?” The security guard asked.

“I don’t know where my mother went. She was shopping but I was playing and she left,” Nanku cried.

“It’s ok, you’re safe with me,” the security guard reached out his hand and took Nanku’s. They began to walk down the mall looking for Mother.

Nanku breathed deeply and swallowed his tears as he walked with the security guard in the hopes of finding Mother.

Not long after, Nanku spotted mother walking frantically with panic in her eyes.

“Nanku!” Mother cried. “Where have you been you bad boy!”

“Is this your mother?” Asked the security guard.

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Why did you leave me?” Mother asked as she gripped his shoulders and spoke Nanku.

“I didn’t. I was playing in the store and you left me,” Nanku explained as he looked at his feet.

“I didn’t leave you!” Mother exclaimed. “You were supposed to stay with me. I was busy shopping and didn’t have time to keep track of you. You bad boy, you didn’t do what I told you.”

“I’m sorry Mother,” mumbled Nanku. “I didn’t mean to get lost. I was just playing.”

“Well don’t let it happen again. You never know who would hurt you. It isn’t safe.”

“Ok, Mother.”

That day Nanku learned that playing make believe was dangerous. His longing for the freedom of his youth caused Mother to abandon him.

Escaping the Abyss (Part 2)

Part 1


The mother pulled Nanku to her home. It was small and dank and smelled of betrayal. Nanku looked upon it eyes wide and lip trembling.

“This is your new home,” Mother beamed. “You will be happy here.”

Mother dragged Nanku inside where a large bear of a man, covered in hair, sat on a couch.

“This is Father,” Mother declared. “He will protect you.”

“Oh who is this you found?” Father wondered leaning forward and studying the small boy.

“This is Nanku. He belongs to us now. I found him alone in the woods and brought him home.”

“Alone in the woods? That isn’t good. It is well that Mother found you and brought you here.”

“But I wasn’t scared in the woods. I was happy and free there,” explained Nanku.

“Nonsense!” bellowed Father. “You’ll be much safer here with us. I will protect you and Mother will care for you. You will be far better off with us.”

Nanku could not see how he was better with them and he longed for the safety of the woods but he shrugged and whispered, “If you say so.”

“Very well!” Mother cried, “We’re a family now! Sit here with Father while I go and work on dinner.”

Nanku nodded. He looked over at Father. He was sitting on the couch watching hockey. He climbed up onto the couch and sat next to him. The man hardly seemed to notice.

“What is this?” Nanku wondered.

“Hockey son.”

“And who is playing?”

“The Kings and the Oilers.”

“How does it work?”

Father’s brow scrunched and he glared at the young boy who’s eyes were wide as he gazed up at father. “Listen, son, I’m trying to watch this game. Stop with all the questions.”

Nanku looked down into his lap and lowered his head. “Ok, I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“It’s fine, just don’t do it again.” Nanku nodded and then sat quietly trying to sort out the sport on his own. He was a clever boy and soon he was making sense of the spectacle. He gathered that Father was routing for the Kings on account that he kept cursing them for apparently not performing very well. He also figured out some of the rules of the sport. He did not dare say another word however, especially when Father got angry and was yelling at the television. He just held very still and barely breathed until the storm of Father’s anger subsided.

“Is this the person who is supposed to protect me?” Nanku wondered. “He seems very scary like an angry monster.”

And so he was.