TBT: Poem…Satan’s Welcome

Wow! Totally hadn’t seen this poem I wrote in High School for probably near 20 years. Totally forgot about it. I’m a little impressed with teenaged me taking on something this dark.

Water floods and drowns a soul that is now extinct.

Running from a storm; fear reduces man to instinct.

Hell beckons, for a new tenant is always welcomed happily.

Paralyzed, the body cannot run from the grasp of destiny.

Klaus calls your name from a list he tightly clutches.

Crying desperately as it’s you that fate touches.

A glass of wine as the devil’s servants observe his art.

Fingers squeeze the last drops of blood from your vacant heart.

The Abyss

I apologize for being scarce these last few weeks. It has been a very trying month. In short, I’ve been dealing with a lot. Attacks have been coming at me from all angles and there were days when I was just trying to keep my head above water. Call it what you want: depression, being low, under spiritual attack. Since I’m a fantasy writer, I’ll call it being in the abyss. There are a great number of stories from the beginning of time that have the hero of the story descend into a dark and terrible place that then must be redeemed by resolving whatever the conflict was. That’s where I was, the abyss.

It began as a stumble then another and another and before I knew it I was falling. More was piled on as I went and eventually I found myself buried beneath tons of rubble. Sadly, it took me a minute to realize the situation and begin digging my way out. Slowly but surly I pushed some of the rocks off me and at least I can stand at this point. There is still a very long way to go to climb my way out entirely and return to where I was but I’m on the way. Fortunately I wasn’t completely worthless in the meantime and I should have Assassin available in the next day or so. As part of the cathartic process, I’m probably going to do a little creative writing about it using “Dadd” to describe what happened through allegory. It’ll be fun and likely helpful.

Here’s to climbing out of the abyss, cheers!

Into the dark you must go

The water rushes deeper into the mountain with a roar that makes it difficult to think let alone hear. Through the mountain, Arsenal commanded, to reunite with lost kin. Kin that no one is sure still exist and have not heard from in generations. What fools errand has he sent you on? Into the dark you must go. You survived orcs only to find a young dragon guarding the river. And a witch. Was she in league with the beast? She didn’t warn you after all, but she is your only hope for not getting lost in the deep dark of the mountain. With tons of rock separating you from the sky it is a comfortable place for a dwarf except that you do not know what beasts lurk beyond. The river will take you, the witch suggested, but take you where? Into the dark the water plunges. Into the dark you must go.

The caves welcome you like the jaws of a wolf welcome fresh meat into the creature’s belly. Instincts warn you that there is nothing friendly beyond. You hear and see nothing except the rush of the river and the darkness which covers the evils that hide among the shadows. Into the dark you must go. How far will the river take you? How deep does it plunge? What is waiting at the end? You cannot know. The witch mutters that she too doesn’t know. Do you trust her? Into the dark you must go.

Your armor and weapons are damp and dripping, the air is heavy. It is likely to be heavier below and it may indeed choke you yet into the dark you must go. You know from legends and stories that digging too deep into the earth only reveals unpleasant foes and sometimes savage beasts but you cannot waver. The piece of hammer you carry to your kin must reach the other side. The hope of Konigsberg and indeed the entire Battlefate clan rests with you. Fail and they will be doomed. Succeed in finding your kin and the tide may yet be turned. Into the dark you must go. May Moradin bless you and keep you. Into the dark you must go.