How long did it take?

I often get asked how long it took to write The Sureshot. In reality I wrote a bit while I was in the Army and the rest after my first child was born.

While I was on loan to 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson Colorado, I had very little to do in my off time, and very little off time. I had my own room in the barracks, but no TV, no radio, and no computer. All of those things were left at my home station in San Antonio. I was also working 12 hours a day for 30 straight days. I basically worked, ate and slept. I didn’t even have a car but had to share a rental with some other soldiers who were on loan as well. To keep myself busy I bought a bunch of binder paper and a binder, as well as a bunch of pens. I started writing The Sureshot out of boredom. Originally it started as me trying to write a back story about my role-playing character Durbar. I explained in the previous post how and why he was created. Basically I just started writing. I ended up writing the first chapter and then rewrote it several times. I had my friend Sam read and edit it for me and eventually I moved beyond the first chapter and wrote a few more. By then it was time for me to leave Colorado and I was getting married shortly after that so I didn’t write any more. I kept what I had done and forgot about it for a while.

After getting married, leaving the army, starting college and having a baby, I found myself staying at home in the summer waiting for the next semester to begin and taking care of my baby girl. My wife was working and I was home with the baby for long stretches of time. As you might imagine I was bored, so once again I started writing. I had a laptop computer by then so I began by typing up the pages I had already written, then continuing. By the end of summer I had completed a draft of The Sureshot. In reality I had already begun the second book, but I had enough to submit to publishers. To be honest it could have used a lot more editing, but I had written a couple of drafts and had a couple of people edit for me and I was comfortable sending it out, and excited that I had finished something that long. It was by far the longest piece of writing I had ever completed. It didn’t take long before I found someone interested in the story, but it was really only the beginning of the Sureshot. There was a lot more work to do. This site is a testament to that.

Why the Sureshot?

I have been writing various things since I was in my early teens including a try at a novel and a comic book. At that point I never would have conceived writing fantasy or sci-fi. While my dad was into the genre, it wasn’t something that I fancied. I was into Steinbeck, Orwell, Jules Vern and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as Hardy Boy books. So how did I come to write the Sureshot?

When I left home and joined the army I didn’t find much time for writing. The most I managed was to scratch out some poems, mostly to try to impress women (it worked pretty well by the way). I never really thought about writing anything serious and didn’t even read much. Then some friends of mine introduced me to role-playing. In spite of the negative stigma attached to such games, I was interested because it allowed me a measure of creativity. I began playing every Friday at a friend’s house and immediately loved it. The first thing you have to do is create a character, and I went with something that interested me. I have always enjoyed camping and hiking in the mountains, as well as had an interest in archery. The host of the party helped me create a character that would typically be considered a “Ranger” or a highly skilled woodsman. The host helped me name the character “Durbar” and years later this character would be the basis for the “Sureshot.”

I began to really enjoy role-playing especially creating characters and weaving stories together. It was like living a story in a small sense and I loved it. My friends were already fans of the fantasy genre and so they introduced me to some of the more popular titles. I began reading more and more and developed a liking for it. Nowadays I continue to enjoy reading such things and obviously writing them. I would love to get back to some mainstream fiction or explore some of the other genres, but I suspect that I will always have a desire to write more “Sureshot” stories.

What’s this Blog about?

Hi everyone. It is my hope that through this site, I will be able to connect in a meaningful way to anyone interested in The Sureshot and the subsequent books which have yet to be published. The Sureshot is my first full length work and I am very proud of it as anyone might be of their first born. It represents the first step in what I believe will ultimately lead to a full career in writing. I am passionate about it and I hope some of it will rub off on everyone else. After five years in print, the Sureshot has not sold many copies. The goal is to sell 5000, at which point my publisher will publish the second installment of the Sureshot and hopefully the third. With this blog I will try and offer material connected to the book, but more “insider” stuff that a reader would not otherwise know. Either way, I love writing, I love talking about writing, and I love connecting with readers, so I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to building this blog.