Olivia birthday poem

Every year you grow some more

More beautiful and bright

All the world is an open door

And you a glowing light

You are filled with pure magic

Nothing you can’t do

In a world often tragic

Joy will follow you

For you were special from birth

As if you were chosen

Bringing wonder to earth

That is too often frozen

Let no one steal your sparkle

Reign supreme, princess, atop your hill

Student lies

Words, lessons, wisdom

All falling victim

To your whims and fancy

Your beloved technology

That sucks your time

And numbs your mind

Hijacking your thinking

While your snaps are sending

You reject learning

In favor of playing

Headphones pumping sound

Eyes always looking down

Refusing to be taught

In a web you’re caught

Your freedom an illusion

Sowing seeds of your own ruin

Declaring that you’re woke

But all your words are choked

You don’t want an education

You only want more relaxation

Voting day

It’s Super Tuesday and I, living in California, get to vote. I like voting. It’s great. And while the vote in November may be more consequential, todays is also great.

It is indeed a privilege to vote. In human history, very few have been afforded the right. It also seems to frustrate many as it can be easy to view our fellow human and suspect they are going to vote in some inferior, ignorant manner. And probably many do.

That doesn’t mean we should devalue it. It has meaning and it matters. That said, I certainly have voted very differently in the last ten years than I did the first ten I was of age. I began voting on principle.

I stopped looking at voting as a way to exercise my will. I learned quickly that my will was exceptionally small when lumped together with the will of others. It mattered, yet was insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

What mattered more, was how I felt about my vote. So I began voting on principle. I view the two major parties in our nation as corrupt and beholden to special interest and large corporate entities that fund their campaigns. I hate that. I don’t believe my representatives actually represent me or any of us, really.

Politicians seem far more interested in maintaining power and prestige than doing anything productive and so life goes on and while it may be gradually improving for most of us, it doesn’t appear to be as a result of elected government.

So, clinging tightly to my moral compass and protesting through the ballot box, I cast my votes and smile, satisfied that I voting through my principles. It’s enough for me even if it infuriates others.

Vote but do so in a way that makes you feel good.

When My Baby’s Sick

My love is ill today
I wish to take her aches away
So she can laugh and play
And be happy, light and gay
So let me rub your feet
Soothing words I’ll speak
Prepare you food to eat
And a sweet, tasty treat
Soft kisses on your head
Hold you tight in bed
Bring you a drink and meds
To fight the pain you dread
I’ll stay with you through
Any mean cold or flu
What you want I’ll do
Until you’re back to you