Sureshot Cover Contest

Calling all artists! Along with a rewrite and republish I want a new cover for The Sureshot. Since I’ve met and befriended many artists over the years and I know there are a bunch of you out there who have a lot of talent, I thought it would be a great idea to see who in my circle would like to do a cover.

The old cover was solid and a lot of people liked it. I liked it also even though it wasn’t personalized to my book really. It was relevant enough but wasn’t based on the story of the book necessarily. That said, I like the colors and image a lot and it was catchy. As solid as the old cover was, I can’t wait for a new one!

I cannot compensate the artist at this point but if I make money with this book then I would love to pay my cover artist for future covers so there is a chance that we can become partners. You will for sure have your name in the book as the cover artist at least, and I will make sure everyone knows who did the cover.

If I get multiple submissions I may have a voting “contest” to see which is most popular with my followers and readers.

I would like the art ready in one month, which is when my book is scheduled to be ready for publishing.

Due date: Aug 12th.

While I am open to whatever you would like to do as an artist, some themes and images that are central to the story include:

common images: Forest, trees, bear, hawk, bow, arrows

themes: birth, new identity, coming of age, competition


The Sureshot Reborn 

I decided that to relaunch my so-called writing career I would republish an updated and reworked “Sureshot.” I read through the story and it honestly isn’t that bad. I mapped it out on the “story grid” (more on that later) and it was a decent effort. 

That said, I’m a much better writer nowadays so I’m reworking some of the passages and adding a more dramatic climatic conclusion, which was really its only true weakness. I’m excited about it. It was my first completed work and so it seemed the best place to start. It will always have a special place in my heart.

So, if there are any Sureshot fans out there look forward to a rerelease coming soon!!! I’m even going to try to see if my daughter Madelyn can do the cover art for me. She’s very talented and since I’m really into writing for the love of the art why not? 

Cheers to writing for the love of it! Cheers to art for the sake of it!