Oh my!

Oh my!

Please come say hi

You are so very fine

Oh my!

You caught my eye.

I can’t even stay sly

Oh my!

It’s like the sky

Is clear for the first time

Oh my!

Please let me buy

A drink, or meal, or pie

Oh my!

I cannot lie

I wish to touch your thigh

Oh my!

You said goodbye

Can you at least say why? 

Oh my! 

I’m just a guy

Giving an honest try

Oh my!

I just might die

Failing you makes me cry

Oh my!

I sadly sigh

Another lonely night

Final Love

While I’ve loved before

I’ve never felt like this

And from our first kiss

My heart was all yours

Yet another fire

Was lit inside me

Allowed to roam free

It rose even higher

Love I’ve never felt

And such love returned

Many times been burned

As my heart did melt

I feel home at last

Finally at peace

Love will never cease

Greater than the past

Little bit primal

Yet far more mature

Like gold, love it pure

Present, future, Final


When someone says you’re cute


You notice the ripe fruit


New feelings stir deep down


You want the ‘one’ around


You notice hair and eyes


Checking out the bare thighs 


A hunger fresh and new


These feelings so confused


A new and sudden spark of desire 

Lights in each a drive of romantic fire


Now the fire of desire’s raging 

No fear of fragile, tender hearts breaking 

Searching intensely with the clock ticking 

Deeply in the ritual of dating 

Trusting that the perfect one is out there

Although hard to find, they’re waiting somewhere 

And in your heart you feel that they are near

But what if you never find them, you fear? 

No need to worry, you are in your prime

Enjoy your youth. Go out to drink and dine 

If you’re lucky, your dream mate you will find

Young and attractive with plenty of time

Raging fires tend to burn out of control 

The smoke and heat of lust can take its toll 

Anxiety of not reaching your goal

Youthful beauty fleeting, we all grow old


My heart was young and green 

So full of life and love 

I thought you were a queen 

Sent to me from above 

Turns out you’re born below

Complete with pair of horns

Instead of a halo 

A rose covered in thorns

Ever thirsty for blood

A vampire in the night 

A monster from the mud

Giving children a fright

My heart ripe for reaping 

The fertile crop was torched

On my knees just weeping 

My loving heart was scorched

Spreading her leather wings

Her laughter filled my head

Singing a wicked song

Spat and left me for dead




To complete a course of study

Thirteen years since you had a cubby 

In your kindergarten class

The final one you passed

And tonight you stand together

And diplomas you gather 

Tassels moved to the side

Parents hearts filled with pride

Parties you attend to celebrate

Money, gifts, graduation cake 

Family and friends from near and far

Tonight you’re the shiny star 

Tomorrow begins a new adventure

One challenge gives way to another

Many their advice will give 

But you’ve only one life to live

So look inside yourself to find 

The strength to ever climb 

To the mountain tops that call

For you to conquer peeks so tall

From his Cage

From The Sureshot Rises, available on Amazon!

High above the trees, free from their grip, a single hawk glided effortlessly, sharp eyes scanning for prey. Silently the bird rode the air current and used it to carry him where he wanted. Durbar studied him with envy for a long minute through a window in the trees, crisscrossing like bars from a cage. The hawk suddenly folded his wings, darted towards the earth and out of Durbar’s sight for a moment, then returned to the sky with a hare in his claws. Durbar smiled at the bird of prey as it floated off to his nest to enjoy his meal in peace and freedom, a twinge of jealousy and unfulfilled desire stung the young man’s heart.

Fathers Day

Many names I’ve been called

A few titles I’ve been given 

Some were deserved 

Others spat with venom 

None are more meaningful

Than all of the others

For when a child’s born 

They began to call me father

It’s a title given out

With much ease at first

As I stood by at witnessed

My children’s births

But it’s a life’s commitment

Of sacrifice and effort

To deserve the title

And hold it high with honor 

It’s one I’ll carry

For my lifetime 

I’ll wear it proudly 

For my children are ever mine 

To protect and nurture 

Educate and guide 

Nothing more could ever

Fill my heart with greater pride


I’ve always been a man who enjoys a drink.

I like to sip on ice cold beverage.

Whether beer or wine, or lemonade pink.

I’ll sip something new without much courage.

But I’ve not found one as satisfying.

Than the one you handed me late one night.

It’s aroma is intoxicating.

And it’s flavor is quite a nice delight. 

It’s gentle affect warmed me to the core.

It lightens my mood and brightens my day.

No matter how much I’ve had I want more.

What its full affects are I cannot say.

All I know is, your love has made me drunk.

And it’s put my mind in a complete funk.