Childhood innocence

Another shooting on the news

A man begging with no shoes 

Planet warming valley in drought

Leaders offering nothing but doubt

Wild fires ever blazing wide

Hurricane storming on by 

Debt piling up ever higher 

Getting credit increasingly harder

Still smiles on children’s faces

Their laughter filling spaces

They need not know just yet 

The disappointment so many met

They’re filled with joy and hope 

And their innocence helps me cope

Come Home

Chopper blades slicing the hot air

The roar of packed cargo planes

Cries of those left in despair

Broken buildings and bones remain

As some give speeches to masses

A tear rolls down a soldier’s cheek

Sometimes so slowly time passes

It was not they who were beat

Twenty years they flew the flag high

Only to have it whisked away

Terrified with gunfire at night

There’s no reason you should stay 

Come home now sisters and brothers

To warm and open arms

We’ll ever hold up one another

Together we can heal all the harm