Wicked Wicked Witches

Wicked Wicked Witches 

Vindictive and devious

No mercy nor compassion 

For their many victims 

Wicked Wicked Witches 

Scheming and conniving 

Plotting more destruction 

Poisoning and lying 

Wicked Wicked Witches 

Cooking in their cauldron 

Snails, spiders, serpents

The spell has just begun 

Wicked Wicked Witches 

Speaking cursed words

Dark magic in the spell

Fooling all that heard

Wicked Wicked Witches 

Jealous of joy and happiness

It drives their plots

Hearts shrouded in darkness

Wicked Wicked Witches 

Hold no power over me

I escaped you long ago

Now my spirit’s free

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