So near she stood,

So very near.

Her heart was to me so dear,

And I wished to kiss her, so I neared.

To her front I neared so sly,

And in her eyes I gazed so shy.

A kiss from her would be so fine,

It’s all that I want for mine.

I got my nerve,

And said to her,

“my you look pretty”,

she looked at me sort of giddy.

I saw my chance,

I took my stance,

I embraced her and to her surprise,

I kissed her to her demise.

She stepped back with a glare,

She swung and slapped me bare.

I thought I was the master,

She turned and called me “bastard”.

I touched my face with pride,

I would be the envy of my tribe,

I have kissed the Beauty,

And the Beauty took my face as booty.

Now, I in my inexperience,

Knew not what to make of this,

I once heard if they act ‘matter of fact’,

It means they fancy you, and all of that.

So I in my ignorance,

Said to myself as I stood,

This is good,

And so I would,

Repeat my effective style.

For quite a tiresome, fruitless while.

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