I was working on a novella to accompany my Sureshot books. After some thought about what to do I decided a man versus beast story was best. Then the only question was what beast? I totally want to do some writing with dragons, however, I already have a character to deal with them. So dragons will have to wait. Goblins? Already writing stories with them as well. Orcs? Nah, too much of a tribe for a pair of hunters to deal with. Trolls also tend to live in little families according to folklore. So it’s gotta be an ogre! 

According to lore, ogres are essentially super greedy disgusting humans. They can be large and glutinous and they are perfect for what I want. They appear to really just represent that part of us which can be really greedy and disgusting. In many tales they even eat babies or children which offends virtually everyone so they are a perfect target for a pair of nobel and just hunters. 

The analogy using ogres could actually get really deep considering their similarity to people. Not sure I’m going to go there in a shorter story but it does have me thinking about how to use such a creature as a commentary on humanity and our excesses. But that’s for another time. For now, look out for a greedy ogre to find himself in Adar and Durar’s quarry.

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