Missing Brother

From my goblin story available on Amazon

Zyx sighed, and body still burning and aching, he sat on his rear, legs folded and calmed his spirit. He tried to find peace but the image of his brother being knocked out haunted him. He could feel his brother’s pain though he was now too far away to reach. His face clenched and his body tensed as he imagined what they were doing to him. His stomach ached even worse when he remembered how his brother, Nyx, had shielded him from cruel whippings and carried him to the throne room. Had it not been for him, perhaps he would not have made it. When would he see his brother again? He wondered. Ever?

His heart was heavy, but his body and spirit were too drained to weep or sob, so he fell to the ground in the blood-stained straw and fell asleep. It was a haunting sleep filled with cracks of whips, screams of agony and images of blood.

He awoke suddenly and looked about but it was not a bad dream. He was back in Trickyfoot clan, a prisoner of the Temple to Dreaddeath.

The door to his cell had a small opening in it but Zyx could not see or hear anyone through the slit. He sat back down on the straw and this time was able to quiet his spirit. He floated away from his body and began to explore the area of the temple. He moved within his spirit to the other rooms near his and in one he found another whelp just like him.

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