Smell of Death

From The Monster in the Woods a Sureshot short story available on Amazon. It’s a great little story and great way to check out my writing. You’ll love it!

Blood and bones increased in frequency and the men knew they were getting close to the Ogre’s lair. They crept silently along, backs bent low to reduce their profile as they moved through the brush, parallel to the ogre’s path. Their eyes were wide and scanned constantly. Their ears were strained to hear any sound of threat and they even checked the air for changes in scent. Indeed, the air became more foul the nearer they crawled to the ogre’s home. It smelled like rot, as if the woods had an infection or tumor that grew ever more dangerous.

At last the smell of death was nearly unbearable and flies were thick; buzzing about like a constant breeze. There was a bit of a clearing, likely because the ogre smashed most of the trees to the ground. The area appeared to be the site of some hideous battle which left nothing but blood and ruin. Bones were everywhere and blood covered every surface. The trees that were still standing had been abused and bore deep cuts, scratches and gouges on their trunks.

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