All the Right Reasons

Another HS poem. Such youthful optimism.

Beaming a wide grin at one another as they hold hands in the park.

A wish come true that they found each other through the dark.

Smiling uncontrollably since the day that they promised to forever love and cherish.

Home they sit and bathe in the love that they have for the other.

Sunshine pours in through the windows and soaks the couple embraced.

A friend for life is what the two are and will be forever.

Yellow flowers brighten the kitchen table as they eat their meals together.

Gold rings are a poor symbol of the purity in their hearts.

A dog at their feet as they cuddle on the couch and whisper soft tender words.

Mouths pressed lovingly together now as they will be forever.

They are a couple that got married for all the right reasons.

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