Pull My Strings

Pull my strings

Make me dance

I’ll shower you with romance

Pull my strings

And make me say

Whatever you want to hear today

Pull my strings

Don’t let me feel

I know my emotions make you ill

Pull my strings

Make me promise

To bury the things I wanted

Pull my strings

Don’t give me space

I just may decide to leave this place

Pull my strings

Tell me how

Exactly how to feel right now

Pull my strings

Don’t let me be

Who I really am inside of me

Pull my strings

Keep saying no

To what I want, where to go

Pull my strings

Out of fear

Fear that I’ll get out of here

Pull my strings

You know best

Don’t let me live or let me rest

Pull my strings

You need control

To feel secure, safe, whole

Pull my strings

I’m your puppet

Not your equal, just your subject

Pull my strings

Put on a show

So none can see, none will know

Pull my strings

But now you’ll find

I’m no longer in your bind

2 thoughts on “Pull My Strings

  1. Beautifully described; it’s a sad reality that so many go through this, being controlled and manipulated. The worse it got in the poem, it made me relieved it ended with hope. It’s truly powerful, especially when realizing that the right thing to do is to leave than to stay.

    1. Thank you so much for the reflection. And yes indeed, the only way out is to leave sometimes. A controlling person will usually pull the strings harder when you’re trying to leave, but those strings can be broken.

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