Who can hold a candle to you?

A dark cloud swarms my heart gaining

Strength and power ready to kill me, aching,

My soul cries out for peace like always, unanswered.

Praying for a savior to take me out of this damper,

To save me from myself and from those who would harm me.

I am always running from the light,

It grows inside me like a fire growing

in a great forest of delight.

I know not only that I am not at peace,

But that there is  something missing and that

In finding it I must hold on, else lose sight of it, forever.

Then perhaps remain insane,

For to tame my wild heart it takes one if unique physique.

And one of special might to curb my fright.

And I fear now that in finding you,

That I have somehow damaged your protective hew.

You wish not to be involved;

And I wish to be with you and build a love that

Cannot be dissolved.

Alas I cannot and must not control what is not mine.

And you may do whatever to you is fine.

And I will continue as always to search and seek.

One as divine as you and such mystique.

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