From Goblins Born in Blood. Available on Amazon

Zyx tried to search for the answer in his mind, broadening his spiritual focus beyond his brother, beyond his pain. He felt himself floating, as if in a pool of water, but it was dark and he could not see anything. Slowly the boney little goblin began to see images through the cloudiness. The image of other goblins from their den came to mind. They snarled and snapped at him threateningly and he fled from them in fear as if he were a bird flying from snakes. Next he saw his mother, haggard and cold she stared at him blankly offering no help. Zyx flew past her and past many other goblins he encountered in his world. At last he came before Gnobum, Clan Trickyfoot king. Zyx felt the strength of Gnobum’s spirit. He felt his essence, his power, his command but more than the essence emanating from the king, the mace, Skull Masher glowed with a power Zyx had not noticed before. In physical form, Zyx had not ever sensed any power from the mace, but in a spiritual form he could see the weapon’s power shooting from it like beams of light. Zyx even shielded his eyes. At first out of reaction to bright light though it was not even physical. The mace contained great power, great energy.

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