Brother versus Brother

From Sureshot the King book 3 of my Sureshot trilogy

    Before Rothan could make sense of the situation, Warren thrust his sword forward, his robe flowing around him like a mist. Fortunately for the older brother, his instincts filled the gap left by his lack of understanding and moved his arm, sword in hand, to parry the strike. The clash of steel on steel clanged in his ears like a bell that woke him from his slumber and at last his mind caught up with current events.

     “Stop this Warren!” Rothan shouted as he reposted, moving his brother back. “This is insane. Would you kill your own brother?”

     Warren slashed as he answered, “You are already dead to me after you betrayed us and sided with Durbar the assassin.”

Rothan and Warren slashed and parried each other as they circled the room which hindered their movements and kept them very near each other, increasing the likelihood of a deadly blow. Davukas rushed to the door as the brothers stepped clear of it. Once in the hallway, he shouted for guards. In moments, three soldiers arrived from their post nearby, swords drawn. The Duke’s advisor directed them to the Duke’s chambers where the brothers were engaged in a mortal combat.

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