Not Yet

From Sureshot the Assassin book 2 in the Sureshot trilogy

Durbar hung against the wall in too much pain to scream. He was beyond screaming. At that point he had to use all of his strength to cling to life. He kept thinking about the words his father spoke to him in his vision, “You are not finished yet.” It was those words that sustained him. Those words helped him to withstand the pain and to hold tight to all that was left, though it was little. He was not finished.

Orthan tried to clean the blood from his hands and face, but it stained. Finally he grew tired of trying and left what would not come off easily. The Duke called for his son, and a servant retrieved him. Warren entered the room and was flabbergasted when he saw his father’s appearance. The Duke had managed to rub the blood from his skin, but it clung to his hair, dying it a deep red. It was also still on his clothes and boots. Orthan’s demeanor had moved from enraged back to paranoid. He began to rant the moment Warren arrived, as he paced about in his study.

The Sureshot Series:

The Sureshot Rises

Sureshot the Assassin

Sureshot the King

The Monster in the Woods (A Sureshot Short Story)

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