Quiet down raging monster

No one wants to hear you scream

You’re upsetting everyone 

And creating quite a scene

Your breath is hot and heavy

Your teeth all rotten and gray

We were all getting along 

But now you ruined the day

Please don’t make me draw my sword

It’s easier if you go 

I could defeat you once more

But it’s not much of a show 

It’s clear I’m not scared of you

Though your ugly looks frighten 

In fact it makes me sad now

To see how far you’ve gotten

So please return to your cave

Maybe count your precious coin 

If only you could behave 

Then maybe we’d let you join

But you’re far too grump still

With your fits of rage and snarls

The men take arms against you 

And they shriek in fear, the girls

Sadly there’s no place for you 

You’ll never change your nature

I wish we could get along 

You’ll always be a monster

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