A Curse on George Hudson

Curse you George Hudson! Because of you we change the clocks for day light savings? What a legacy! Every year millions are grumpy on a Monday morning because we were forced to change our clocks an hour forward. I hate it.

You had this idea so you could gather more bugs in the afternoon? Really? This idea is because of insects? That’s the best you got? Well I don’t want to gather bugs and I don’t want to change my clocks.

So curse you George Hudson and your stupid idea. May your children’s children lose sleep for every tired person the morning of “spring forward.” May the bugs you love slowly chew the home of your birth to dust. May swarms of locusts eat the flowers that adorn your grave.

And as we spring forward, may time forget you. I raise a fist against you and rage against the tyranny of daylight savings.

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