Biggs and Smalls are Back!

“Ha!” Biggs chuckled, “That’s so true. Ok, I like it. I’ll begin firing my bow from the tree line. Looks like they are only fifty yards or so from it. If I’m lucky I can drop a couple of them before you even get there. When you’re about to engage them I’ll follow up. Save some for me?”

“Don’t count on it brother,” Smalls smiled. Then they each hopped to their feet and made their way down the creek bed to close the last remaining distance between them and their goal. They were merely jogging this time, trying to limit the amount of noise they created but also needed to move faster than the goblins. 

It did not take much longer for the dwarves to reach the goblin party who was laughing and playing as they nonchalantly walked towards their home; feeling entirely safe so close to their den. A quick moment to assure one another that they would prevail and Smalls began running from the tree line as Biggs stepped into the setting sun and fired an arrow from his bow at the goblin in the rear of the group. 

The arrow twisted and turned and buried itself into the side of the unprotected and unsuspecting goblin, splitting its liver. The beast yelped and clutched his side. The remaining eight looked back at their comrade and another arrow took a second goblin in the back, piercing a lung forcing him to gasp for breath as he tried to reach the shaft.

This time the goblins looked around and they saw a charging dwarf armed with a pair of throwing axes with rage in his eyes and in every line of his countenance. The beasts pulled crude blades from their belts and prepared to meet their attacker foolishly believing it was only the one. The mistake allowed another of Biggs’ arrows to strike one high in the groin dropping it to the ground in wails of pain. 

Biggs drew his sword then slung his bow across his back and rushed to join his brother before there was no more blood to be spilt. 

Six goblins squared off before Smalls in a semi organized line. The dwarf began to roar as he launched his pair of throwing axes at the line. One split a goblins chest but the other glanced off the blade of another and fell harmlessly before the melee. Five remained. Smalls pulled the great axe from his back its twin blades flashing in the setting sun sending a blinding light at his enemies before he met them with a crash. 

Smalls swung the axe in a wide sweeping motion wide enough to reach all five goblins. One goblin successfully ducked under the attack. A second tried to block it with his blade but was sent tumbling to the ground. The third tried to move towards the attacking dwarf but was struck by the shaft of the axe and knocked down. The fourth failed to anticipate needing to avoid the attack and took the blade directly in the side, severing his arm and splitting his ribs. He was unable to even sound protest as he fell dead to the grass. Four remained. The blow halted Smalls’ attack and the fifth was spared any need for action. 

The final goblin saw his companion murdered next to him and looked down at the grizzly sight before lifting his blade to try and avenge him. Smalls spun into the attack and his back slammed against the goblin before he could even get his blade into a threatening position. The force shoved him backwards and flung him to the ground. This momentum allowed Smalls to pull his axe from the slain goblin and raise it to a ready position once more. 

The remaining four goblins scrambled to their feet. By now Smalls knew victory was his and the smile on his face betrayed his delight in slaying more goblins. He swung his axe wide once more to force all of them back and when one stumbled, Smalls swung it overhead and then directly down nearly splitting the pathetic beast in half. 

That move left him vulnerable for a moment but it wasn’t the first time so when the remaining ones tried to slash at him, Smalls rolled towards the newly slain goblin and pulled his axe free at the same time, landing back on his feet with his weapon in two hands across his chest. 

“Come on you cowards,” Smalls challenged. The last three looked at each other then back to Smalls. They rushed at him with blades high and Smalls lunged forward with his axe horizontal across his body and halted their attack while their blades were still raised above their heads then shoved them backwards. Each fell to the ground and their resolve failed them. 

Each goblin left his sword on the ground and began to run in any direction away from the now blood covered dwarf. Smalls hacked at the nearest, taking his legs off completely. The next one he sprinting then leaped at with his axe high above his head once more nearly splitting the goblin in half. The final beast was already several yards away and Smalls wasn’t likely going to chase him down so he pulled another throwing axe from his belt and, after a moment to steady his aim, threw the axe with his remaining strength taking the goblin in the base of his neck and killing him before he hit the ground. 

Just then, Biggs reached the battle only to find no more enemies on their feet. He smiled at his brother with his sword in his hand. 

“You rule Smalls,” Biggs congratulated. 

“You rule Biggs,” his brother returned.

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