The Coffee Man is Hurt!

A little peek at what I’ve been working on lately…

The tiny crowd was amazed but one of them had enough sense to say, “Come help the other man,” and then pointed him to a man lying against another overturned cart.   

Smalls looked to the other wounded man, to the cart next to him and back to the man again, “Biggs, it’s the coffee man!” he shouted. “Save him, save him, save him.” 

Biggs rushed over to the wounded coffee trader and quickly examined his injuries. It wasn’t difficult to sort as there was a clear stab wound to his gut and he was holding it and wailing as blood spilled from his belly. The poor man writhed on the ground and moaned, eyes wide and his blood staining to ground around him. 

“Hold on,” Biggs encouraged, “I can heal you.” Biggs once more pressed a hand to his gut and with the other gripped his sapphire necklace and slipped into his healing cantation. The words came to him easily as he was just using them to heal the first man. Immediately Thrabel Earthcloak granted him further energy and the bright glow of the deity’s power flowed into and through the young dwarf again. His eyes were closed tightly and the hand that pressed on the gut wound poured divine energy into the injury and it stopped bleeding then began stitching together the torn flesh. The injured man looked down as the cleric apprentice worked on healing him and he struggled to make sense of what was happening. Biggs continued to speak the words of healing and his god granted him just enough power to heal and close the wound. 

The bystanders once more all starred as divine power mended the harm done in the attack. The wounded man, himself, was silent and his mouth hung open as he watched and felt his own body heal from the inside out. Seeing such a feat was so much that his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell back, unconscious.

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