A Toast to the Super Bowl

We raise a glass to the Super Bowl. A chance we have every year. To gather round a TV and cheer. Usually for teams we don’t even care about, but that won’t stop us from this year’s shouts.

A glorious day to snack and feast on hamburgers and hotdogs. When families get together with love and joy just to argue about things like forward progress.

Super Bow you are always here for us during a typically cold time of year, yet you are a warm glow in the snow. A sunny Sunday afternoon to warm our frozen souls.

But we’re all here for the game of course and sometimes we even care who rules the field of play that day, as we try to remember last years game. Our memories so brittle and so fickle is fame.

Plus we wait to see the half time show and complain about the artist and why they didn’t ask so-and-so.

And for some reason we look forward to commercials, the only time we do. Is it possible they’re more entertaining than the game they’re attached to?

And we can never forget the time we viewed a dance with Timberlake and Janet too, in which there was a malfunction showing us her boob.

You brought us that magical moment and many more, so today we drink to you, this year’s Super Bowl.

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