Trampled Flowers

Me processing losing former students so young…

I give a little piece of me 

To each student that I meet 

A seed planted in fertile soil

Learning gained through toil 

Then I sit back and observe

Seedlings living lives they deserve 

But storms take some away 

Long before they lived their days 

Had I the strength within to hold

So you had the chance to grow old

I would nurture you my seedling 

So you could grow to a tree

Alas I had not the power

And disaster took our flowers 

And my tears rain on my garden

Crying to the sky for a pardon

For the piece of me they carried 

Is now so deeply buried 

But I saw them and helped them grow

Honored such beauty to know 

May your spirit ever feel mine

May they be ever entwined 

Like two plants grown together 

Roots deep in soil forever 

For you live on in my heart 

Even when the world is dark 

I will see you again one day

And you live on yet in a way 

Rest now free from pain

Our love for you will never wain

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