A child so beautiful and young,

Her life long journey had just begun.

A man with debts he cannot pay,

No longer can he keep the jealous rage at bay.

The lamb, sacrificed at his bloody hands.


Knocked down over and over by the world,

Brain fried like eggs and blood curdled.

Strolled into a low cost burger grill,

As if he did it every day, no hesitation to kill.

Laying down people like a stack of split logs.


A failed marriage and a terrible father,

Spending money, like a horse eating fodder.

Caught in a sticky web of deceit and lies,

He turns to the influential help of his ties.

Your only lying to your pathetic self.


2 thoughts on “Senator

  1. Wow– this is beautiful! At the beginning it sounded so lovely and full of hope, and quickly took a turn! Amazing read! I love poetry, in fact I’ve posted a few poems on my blog too! 🙂

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